Life Group


There are so many topics that girls want to talk about but aren’t sure who to ask, how to ask or when to ask, especially when it comes to God, faith and the bible! What does the bible have to say about social media? What does it mean to be a Christian? Does God care about our mental health? Does the bible give any advice about dating? What difference does being a Christian make to someone’s life?

At Sanctuary we believe in the importance of developing strong relationships that allow us to speak about real life issues in a way that is fun, honest, and helpful.  We believe that God cares about every aspect of our lives and offers a life that is full of promise, freedom and significance. The purpose of Life Group is to help you explore this way of life together in a safe space with leaders who are committed to helping you.



Tuesday 11th September 






Girls in S2-3. This is a weekly group. If you'd like to join, please email to get a parental permission slip. 


18 Victoria Avenue, Carluke ML8 5AG


Get in touch via email to find out more information about this event 01555 751 400